Copy editing demands more intense work.
We have broken this down into 2 categories, from which you can choose the one most suitable to your requirements:

Category 1

· Correction of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors
· Ensuring consistency
· Checking for proper sequencing
· Correcting typographical errors
· Checking cross-references
· Checking relevancy of material to subject matter

Category 2

• As described in category 1
• Making sure the document flows smoothly
• Pin pointing material which may be considered libellous
• Checking accuracy of diagrams and illustrations
• Suggesting alternative word choices
• Format correction
• Identifying areas of ambiguity, inaccuracy and redundancy
• Rewriting, if required, to fit your house style 

We prefer to have documentation on manuscript, but will happily accept word-processed material.
However, this must be sent in Microsoft Word format: version 2013 or earlier.
Receiving documentation in any other application can mean that formatting is liable to change in the transfer,
making it extremely difficult to proof or edit. 

If sending word-processed material, we will return the document to you with changes highlighted on screen.
You will then be able to accept or reject these changes before saving or printing your document

Proof Reading

There is nothing worse than concentrating on a wonderful piece of writing only to be distracted by a glaring spelling error, bad punctuation, inconsistencies in text, inappropriate grammar, missing text or the fact that the document is poorly laid out. That's where we come in.

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Copy Writing

Someone, somewhere had to sit down and write interesting, enticing and powerful copy in order to sell some product. We are able to work to your brief and supply you with winning copy every time. In most cases you will be supplied with alternatives in order that you can decide which copy suits your needs at that particular moment in time.

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We can undertake to compile a tailor-made spreadsheet for almost any purpose. Our Box Office Spreadsheets are constantly in demand from many theatre producers! All spreadsheets are programmed in Excel 2013 and can be used in this, or any earlier version.

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