I need to know......

Want to find out how many pertinent references to cats there are on the web for your new production of Puss in Boots? 

 Need to know how many bookshops in a certain area of the country and whether they will accept your special ticket vouchers? 

 Maybe you are writing a biography and need some extra research carried out? 

 Perhaps you need to find out where you can hire 2 elephants for that new musical Hannibal? 

 Whatever is required, we can certainly look in to the matter for you and supply you with the necessary answers.

 This can be as simple or complicated as you like - we love a challenge!

 Prices for research very much depend on the specific request, so please contact us for a quote.

Proof Reading

There is nothing worse than concentrating on a wonderful piece of writing only to be distracted by a glaring spelling error, bad punctuation, inconsistencies in text, inappropriate grammar, missing text or the fact that the document is poorly laid out. That's where we come in.

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Copy Writing

Someone, somewhere had to sit down and write interesting, enticing and powerful copy in order to sell some product. We are able to work to your brief and supply you with winning copy every time. In most cases you will be supplied with alternatives in order that you can decide which copy suits your needs at that particular moment in time.

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We can undertake to compile a tailor-made spreadsheet for almost any purpose. Our Box Office Spreadsheets are constantly in demand from many theatre producers! All spreadsheets are programmed in Excel 2013 and can be used in this, or any earlier version.

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